motion piece


A few test renders and a sneak preview of a new motion piece coming very shortly from FutureDeluxe. Shhh....



The game is afoot!

It's been along time since I spent over an hour interacting with one website. And it looks like I'll be spending a whole lot more over the next eight weeks. The new Warner Brothers teaser site 221b created by AKQA for the soon to be released Sherlock Holmes staring Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. The site not only looks amazing but has a huge amount of interactive content and gameplay. Big shout to Nick & James and the team for an amazing job. This is what AKQA does best!

Watch the trailer for the site here, and take part in the adventure here.

New studio


After sweating away in a loft for the last 6 weeks, it didn't take much persuasion for us all to move into a new studio. Stripped brick, Aeron a random wild stuffed deer. Oh did I mention its a 2 minute walk to Brighton beach....aaaaaaaaaahhhh.

HypeforType Ident Update

It's been up for over 6 days now and in that time managed to notch up over 8,000 hits on two combined Vimeo pages. The new HypeforType Neuforma ident. Stay tuned for part two, in the meantime let's see if we can hit 10k!



There are many things that grab your attention on your first trip to Tokyo, in fact pretty much everything is an assault on your senses from the word go. On my initial visit years ago, I was instantly taken back by Tokyo's amazing futuristic retail spaces. Shopping in Tokyo takes on a whole new experience like no other city in the world, especially in the central districts of Aoyama, Shibuya and Harajuku. Many of these amazing interior design experiences can be traced back to one man - Masamichi Katayama, owner and founder of the design firm Wonderwall.

They have just recently released this slick update to their website showcasing some of the finest retail and interior designs on the planet.

HypeForType + FutureDeluxe Ident #1


It’s been a mad first few weeks here at FutureDeluxe, however a few projects are coming to an end and slowly seeing the light of day. First up is an ident for new Type Foundry Hype for Type. The first in a series, here’s a sneak peak at some screenshots for Neuforma. Full edit to follow very shortly.

Becks Interactive Ad's


Becks have launched a new campaign ‘Music Inspired Art’ based on interactive screens located at various points around London, encouraging users to plug in their ipods and create generative art on and around their iconic bottle. Once the track is over the stills are uploaded in to a Flickr set here.

FOTB Highlight #1 Rob Chiu


This years Flash on the Beach has drawn in a variety of creative speakers from around the world, however on day one there was only one person I was heading straight to see - Rob Chiu.

Rob has been working under his alias Ronin for over 9 years now and in that time shown us some amazing motion graphic pieces, stunning photography and more recently some of the most powerful short films and film titles around.

At FOTB he revealed secrets of his new film project Fear/Love. A story of Identity, love and self destruction amongst young people in Inner City London. Portrayed by an amazing, young and gritty cast, the film is written and directed by Rob himself. Shot on beautiful Red One cameras with The Mill providing grading and post duties. This is most definitely one to look out for when its released, and will very likely see Rob get the cinematic recognition he certainly deserves.



Man of the moment Karsten Schimdt has posted up a showreel of work based on his open source library collection for Java and Processing. Computational design and animation at its the toxiclibs reel here. Also catch Karsten down at Flash on the Beach this week.

FutureDeluxe Identity Part 1


First part of our new FutureDeluxe stationery arrived yesterday. Heavy recycled matte business cards with beautiful mirror foil detailing.......more to follow.

No Keyframes


Beautiful new showcase animation for Maxons Cinema 4D package created by German studio AixSponza. Watch the full version here.

Buro Knapzak


Dutch motion design team Buro Knapzak have created this amazing new abstract identity for Universiteit Twente. Watch it here.

Karsten Schmidt + OneDotZero


Karsten Schmidt has created the new ident for this years One Dot Zero exhibition commissioned by Wieden & Kennedy. The ‘live’ logo takes feeds from various Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook and social network sources to create an ever changing identity. What is interesting is Karsten’s development work which he has posted up on Flickr here.

Let Yourself Feel


Beautiful new audio reactive piece from Argentinian motion graphics designer Esteban Dianco. Watch the full animation here.

ThinkDust + HypeForType


Alex Haigh is the man behind design studio ThinkDust and the recently launched HypeforType font foundry. Recent recognition this month from Creative Review (also watch for the guest font issue in September) is seeing him get the spotlight he deserves. Watch out for FutureDeluxe + ThinkDust colabs very shortly. Big things soon come.

Man Vs Machine Idents


Man vs Machine have created some of my favorite motion graphic pieces over the last few years. And this new collection for the SyFy channel are no exception. View them all here.

Universal Everything + MTV


Just when you thought you haven’t heard from Matt Pyke for a while, he returns with a series of animations which play a huge part in MTV’s new rebrand.

Matt seems to have taken his Universal Everything project ‘Advanced Beauty’ to the next level in the new ‘Sweetheart’ ident, featuring thousand of sweets in true pop art style. And then injected a bit of humor into the brilliantly titled ‘Mr Furry’. And as ever working with his brother Simon from Freefarm to provide the soundtracks.

Check them all after the jump.


Imaginary Forces - Google Chrome


‘What would the internet look like if it was represented as a 3-Dimensional object?’ was the question Google asked several creative agencies. Imaginary Forces interpretation of this is a short film depicting a museum like piece suspended in mid air. Watch the ‘Interactive Reaction’ after the jump.



Warp hits 20 this year. As part of the anniversary celebrations they are releasing a limited deluxe special edition box set. Featuring a 192 page book, showcasing the complete back catalogue with over 400 sleeve designs, some of which have become iconic, designed by the likes of The Designer Republic, Julian House, Build and Universal Everything amongst others. The set is beautifully packaged in a 10” slip case. Check Warps Bleep site for pre-order details and release date.

AKQA + Nike Sportswear Part 2


More from colleagues at AKQA. This time its for Nike Sportswear new Livestrong range - Lunar Everday. Shot on a 1000fps Phantom camera, with amazing results. See for yourself.

Project Natal


The gaming world has made huge advances recently and never before has it been so relevant in the digital world. At the forefront of technology and with the potential to become a huge marketing platform. So it was no surprise that at the annual E3 expo the big industry names have been giving us a look at not only their latest software but at future interfaces or interface(less) demos.

The idea of gestural interfaces has advanced a lot over the last couple of years. After countless future demos were revealed on YouTube, they started to become more common place within our everyday lives, with the likes of touch screen technology from Microsoft Surface and then more commonly the iPhone & iPod Touch, and not forgetting the huge impact the Wii has had on reinventing the games market with its gestural interface and wireless controllers.

Microsoft stepped up this week with the new Project Natal from XBOX. Taking the concept of the Wii to the next level and removing the need for a controller at all. Check the video after the jump.


Clouds - An Te Liu


‘Cloud’ installation made from air purifiers, ionizers, sterilizers and humidifiers running continuously. By artist An Te Lieu.

Korb - The Balance


New animation from Lithuanian director Rimantas Lukavicius. Watch Balance here.

Water Sound Figures


Crazy new set of Flickr images entitled Water Sound Figures. Motion captured water based paints triggered by sound from a speaker.

AKQA + Nike Sportswear


Great new 360˚ stop motion animations created for Nike Sportswear by colleagues at AKQA. Play with them all here.

Who is Cherry Girl?


If only we knew......One thing is for sure, this new short promo for MTV is the work of the one and only....Johnny Hardstaff.

See the video here.

Nike + Jarvis + Kenworthy


Great new animation created for Nike from famed illustrator and model maker James Jarvis & Shynola’s Richard Kenworthy - Onwards.

Puma Lift Site


Following on from the beautiful video from Droga 5. Puma release the website to support the L.I.F.T campaign. Weigh up the everyday objects against the 173g Puma L.I.F.T.

Adidas Originals


More noise from the Adidas Originals camp. The second part of the the ‘House Party’ film has been floating around for a few months now. Directed by Nima Nourizadeh, the spot comes close to capturing the ‘original’ house party vibe. Featuring guest appearances from Adidas’s long list of sponsors - Mark Gonzales, Method Man, Missy & Run DMC amongst others.

It looks like a big year for Adidas Originals. Their recently released and highly sought after Originals by Original range has turned many heads. Designed by Kazuki, one part of the legendary japanese Fragment design team.

There are also whispers of part three of the now infamous collaboration with Tokyo’s premium street wear label - Neighborhood.

The full length version of House Party has just been released. Check it after the jump.

Akqa - Launch


It’s not often I get to write about websites on here. Partly because I work on them all day long and also, the things I want to write about are usually the projects I’m currently working on, which for obvious reasons I can’t until they are launched. On Monday, here at AKQA we finally get to launch A project which has been a whole year of blood, sweat, tears & tantrums! Part Art Directed by myself the site includes a video interactive walkthrough of the Maranello factory and a complete 3d experience of all of the GT range allowing you to explore every customizable option possible.

Hit the link on Monday 30th March.

Launch update - Explore the GT Range here.

Honda - Let it Shine


Weiden & Kennedy’s new spot for Honda. Over 300 cars are used to create a giant LED screen.

Spike Jonze - Unkle


Spike Jonze, Spike Jonze, Spike Jonze.........two posts in as many days, someone has been busy. This time around he takes up Direction duties for the new Unkle video - Heaven. What at first seems just like another super high frame rate skate film, suddenly gets the Jonze twist.

Where The Wild Things Are


Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are has been rumored about for some time now. It seems there may have been problems with the original test screenings, and how they were seen to be too dark & scary for kids, and therefore requiring scripts to be re-written. Warner Brothers have since released these images and an official release date of October this year.

Update - Apple has released the trailer today, here.

YouTube a day: #4 Ting Tings - Adidas Originals


Adidas Originals seem to be making alot of noise again recently. There relationship with Manchester has alway been strong, so this secret pop-up event with The Ting Tings was no suprise, although the format itself was pretty different. Ticket holders were given a full white Adidas tracksuit to wear, matching headgear and a whole heap of paint and then encouraged to get ‘creative’ throughout the gig.

Puma - Lift


Nice new spot from Puma. Constructed from a clever studio set up of layered projections, and synced dance movements revealing several virtual Puma outfits. Created by New York’s Droga5.(More...)

YouTube a day: #3 Mistabishi- Printer Jam


Been meaning to post this for a while, out on Hospital Records, Mistabishi - Printer Jam. Video and 3d animation created by Tin Spider.(More...)

YouTube a day: #2 Micachu - Lips


Dig around for the remixes from the likes of Hyperdubs LV and the beautifully named Clark Kunt!(More...)

YouTube a day: #1 The Maccabees - No Kind Words


There seems to be a flood of new music over the last few weeks. The latest Maccabees album - Wall of Arms is due to drop at the end of April on Friction Records. To promote this they've released the album track - No Kind Words as a free download.(More...)

Noise 5 Launch


Attik’s Noise 5 finally gets to see the light of day from 26th March. Limited to only 3,000 copies. Expect hundreds of lavish inks, varnishes and advanced print techniques from which the Noise series has gained its reputation.



Very clever or just way too much time on his hands? ThruYou is a YouTube mash up of music related clips painstakingly combined to create a whole album by Israeli Funk head - Kutiman.(More...)

Forever Heavenly


After over 10 years, Londons legendary club night the Heavenly Social is back in action. Forever Heavenly is the new night from Heavenly Records and takes place at new London Bridge based club Cable on May 1st. Trevor Jackson, Bullion & the Raf Daddy are at the controls.

Addikt - FITC Ident


New trailer for Amsterdam based digital creative festival FITC 2009. Created by local outfit Addikt. Bikes, cows, lamps and whores.....! See the full animation here.



Created by young director Xavier Chassaing, this is no ordinary motion graphics spot. Constructed with over 35,000 digital photographs and combined with a mix of 3d mapped projections, this is one huge labour of love.(More...)

Nike 1948


With the closure last year of Nike’s only London based Tier ‘zero’ account at Foot Patrol, it has left a huge hole in the market. Enter Nike’s own 1948 concept store on Batemans Row, Shoreditch. The space itself features a neon football pitch suspended from the ceiling, and a rubber floor made from over 15,000 recycled sneaker soles. More in depth images and info to follow later this week....



From the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas - Henry Selick, and animation studio Laika. The stop motion animated feature film of the childrens classic book Coraline.

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve


Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, the side project of Erol Alkan and Richard Norris is nothing new, they’ve been floating around in mysterious ways for nearly two years now. Apart from their own releases, they have been in big demand for their remixing skills. Re-animations Vol 1, due to be released at the beginning of March compiles the best of these remixes, for the likes of Chemical Brothers, Tracey Thorn, Late of the Pier & Simian Mobile Disco amongst others.

The Heineken Experience


Over the next few months, things are about to get very green for me...

Harmonic 313


Finally.....the new album from Mark Pritchard’s latest project Harmonic 313 has landed. When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence - classic analogue synths and filthy dirtbox basslines.

Tiago La is losing the plot


New Lex Records signing - Tiago La is losing the plot releases a self-titled six track EP. Retro psychadelic folk anyone?

Gold teeth


New South Wimbledon based, 5 piece band - Gold teeth create tropical, afro beat based electronic niceness. New single ‘Everybody’ is on maximum rotation, go listen.

Parks on fire


Digital filmmaker Scott Pagano has teamed up with San Fransisco based Trifonic to produce this short graphic film Parks on Fire. Watch it in full HD on Apple’s gallery.

Cadbury's & Fallon


Fallon follow up on there hugely popular Phil Collins soundtracked Gorilla ad for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with this great new spot.

Shepard Fairy, David Byrne & Chuck D


Check this new video featuring the artwork of Shepard Fairy for new band N.A.S.A (featuring David Byrne and Chuck D).(More...)

Warp re-launch Bleep


Sheffield’s legendary electronic label Warp has relaunched its digital download site Bleep.

UK Invasion - Kid Robot


From January 22nd, Kid Robot is hijacking the the Wonder Room at London’s Selfridges. Expect plenty of limited editions created by UK artists including ILoveDust & Tado amongst others.


Rainer Spehl


From a practical point of view, I’m not sure how well this would cope in my rucksack on a daily basis. However sometimes good looks are all that counts. Created by Berlin based product and interior designer Rainer Spehl is this Wooden Laptop Case with leather lining and magnetic closing device for Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Roger Borg - 419 Neon


419 Neon is a company founded by designer Roger Borg based in New Jersey. Specializing in custom neon & sculptured contemporary lighting.(More...)

T-Mobile - Lifes for sharing


T-Mobile’s new ‘Life’s for Sharing’ viral. (More...)

Air Jordan 2009


This video has recently appeared on YouTube, showing Michael Jordan in what seems to be either an Ad for a forthcoming shoe, or a trailer for a new movie. Either way it looks good.(More...)

Spotify - Everyone Loves Music


A new year and another new music application. However this one happens to be something special. Spotify - Because everyone loves music?!(More...)

Durex Gets It On


Design and Production agency Süperfad have created a new 30 second spot for Durex - Get it on.

The Mill - New Showreel


The Mill had another amazing year in 2008, their recently released showreel shows yet again what a world leading visual effects company they are.(More...)

Lost and Found


This award winning childrens book has recently been lovingly recreated by Studio AKA into a short animated film.(More...)

Beastie Boys:Under the Influence


Last week saw the official launch party for Under the Influence - The Official Art Tribute to the Beastie Boys.(More...)

Kaws for Kanye


Never a huge fan of Mr West but always loving everything the New York based artist Kaws has to offer. This time he steps up to deliver the cover artwork and promotional illustrations for Kanye’s new 808’s and Heartbreaks.

Beautiful Connections


Directed by Matt Pyke of Universal Everything fame. An operatic film for Nokia commissioned by Wieden & Kennedy & Hi-Res - ‘Beautiful Connections’.

3d animation by Maxim Zhestkov, sound design as always by Matt’s brother Simon at Freefarm featuring opera singer Jenny Kosmowsky.

See the film here.

New Skins Promo

The new director’s cut promo film for E4’s thirds series of Skin’s. Shot by Neil Gorrindge of Moxie Pictures.

It’s a shame the actual series never quite live up to the cinematography of the promo’s themselves.

Into the Wild


Very slow on this one I know...however....One of the most beautifully shot films I have seen in a while.

After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, he encounters a series of characters that shape his life.

If like me your slack, go get the DVD.